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Chale Island Mombasa, Kenya

Chale Island Mombasa, Kenya is a small isolated romantic coral Island is situated about 600 meters from the hinterland and 10 km south of Diani on the Kenyan Southern coast. Chale Island is nature reserve of tropical rainforest, a sunny powder white sandy beach with turquoise warm waters, tropical rainforest. The forest is home to a rich range of animals, bird life and sulphur springs.
The sulphur-rich muddy swamps of Chale Island
Chale Island has deposits of sulphur-rich muddy swamps that are believed to appease and heal a wide range of skin ailments, and to make one's skin healthier. The Sulphur-rich mud is collected during low tides
The rainforest harbours a wildlife Colobus monkeys and baboons that move in groups to and fro the island during low tide. Elephant shrew, bush squirrel, turtles, the bushy-tail mongoose, bush pig, and suni antelope are other wildlife residents on the island. The Digo people have retained their most interesting cultural practices. The Digo elders visit the island's sacred site known as Kaya to perform sacred rites and rituals whenever the community needs special help from their supreme being.

Kenya’s beaches on the Indian Ocean at Chale Island
Kenya’s beaches on the Indian Ocean are ranked among the top ten worldwide.The Beaches of The Chale Island’s coral sand bay counts as one of the best that Kenya has to offer. The isolated bay is covered with snow-white powder fine coral sand. Due to the remoteness of Island makes the beach to be the only beach in Kenya that can truly be called private. No seaweed pile-ups making them ideal for the turtles to continuously lay eggs in the bay adding to the attraction of this delightful Island.

 The Mangroves Of Chale Island
Nearly half of the Chale Island is covered by an ancient mangrove forest and the splendid island hosts some of the tallest mangrove trees in East Africa.

Gazi bay At Chale Island
Gazi bay which is at the back the Island is the basin of the seasonal Mkurimuji River. The combination of a shallow lagoon, a bay protected from waves and occasional fresh water makes Gazi an ideal mangrove bay.

The Diani/Chale Marine Reserve at Chale Island
Kenya is one of the first Africa Nations to create marine reserves and parks to protect the fragile marine ecosystems .The Diani/Chale Marine Reserve, opened in July 1995 is situated further up the coastline, just South of Mombasa. This marine reserve was created to protect its fragile coral reef, with excellent coral gardens and fish species

The  Chale island beaches are famous for sunbathing, relaxing and excursions like the Island hopping to the Archipelago of Lamu. You can also enjoy a boat ride into the mysterious world of the mangrove forests near Gazi-Bay and an exploring island walk through the rainforest of Chale Island.

Accommodation At Chale Island
Chale Island boasts of the only hotel located on the island "The Sands at Chale Island". The only occupants of this magical Chale Island are the guests and staff of The Sands at Chale Island Hotel

 Activities at The Sands at Chale Island Hotel - Mombasa Located on Chale Island, off The South Mombasa Coast, as an Indian Ocean Island Beach Hotel in Kenya

The Sands at Chale Island Services offers
Spa-Center, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness Center, Internet Cafe, and Boutique
Deep Sea Fishing excursions
Activities like Scuba Diving, Golfing and other sporting activities can be arranged. We keep the promise to partner with you as you enjoy the Africa Experience    
Combine your stay at The Sands at Chale Island with an Africa Partners in Safari beach to bush safari to Kenyas or Tanzanias national parks and reserves. Visit Tsavo East and Tsavo West, Masai Mara| Amboseli or any of the National Parks in Tanzania or Africa. Africa partners in safari guests can either break away from the beach and enjoy a wildlife safari or cap the safari while relaxing at the powered white sandy beaches of Chale Island. book a Day tours with Africa Partners in safari

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