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Fresh Water Lakes and Soda Lakes: Tanzania

Tanzania is endowed with both Freshwater lakes like the Lake Victoria, Soda lake such as the Lake Natron these diverse lakes also differ in what they offer the potential visitor/Traveller. Tanzania boasts of other soda lakes like L.Manyara and L. Natron etc and fresh water lakes such as Lake Victoria L.Tanganyika, L.Nyasa. The United Republic of Tanzania is located on the East African coast of the Indian Ocean and it incorporates mainland Tanganyika and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba as well as half of Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika.

Tanzania Soda Lakes
Soda lakes are alkaline and brackish and are also a home to large populations of pink flamingos, storks, and herons. Bird-watching, walks and game viewings drives are done from a distance as the soda flats along the lake shore are difficult to walk or drive in. Nevertheless, a visit to the soda lakes of Tanzania is a memorable experience. Game thrives along their uninhabited shores and the sheer heavenly beauty of the water, the silvery colour and white by the mineral deposits is an unforgettable African experience. Wildlife gathers on the deserted salt flats with glittering views remind one of a cosmological scene where as the sunset descends into shades of an assortment of pastels.
Tanzania Freshwater Lakes
The largest of fresh water lake is Lake Victoria to the northwest of the country. Visitors to the freshwater lakes can embark on fishing trips, hikes, swim, and enjoy the rich bird and fish life that surrounds the water. In many populated areas, cultural tourism programs are also popular. Other fresh water lakes are L. Tanganyika, L. Nyasa also known as Malawi.


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