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Kenya Lakes

Kenya is home to several stunning lakes, most of which are known as the Rift Valley Lakes, and are all uniquely different in character. The country lies on the center of the Great Rift Valley, the site of the prehistoric fissures that extends from Jordan to Mozambique. Kenya is dotted with several fresh water lakes from north to south.

A traveler or researcher can tour/explore the Kenyan Lakes visiting each individual lake taking time to study its characteristics /formation of each one of them in relation to the others and compare and contrasts the diverse environments, formation and the various inhabitants.

The Rift Valley lakes were created during the formation of the great East African Rift Valley which runs through the whole eastern side of the African continent from north to south. These lakes include some of the oldest, largest and deepest lakes in the world, and many are freshwater eco regions of great biodiversity, while others are alkaline or soda lakes supporting highly specialized organisms.
The following are some os Kenya's most spectacular lakes:

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