Zanzibar Island populary refered to as the spicy Island. The island  is a distinctive destination famous for its spices and the slave trade of the 19th century. 

 Zanzibar has a unique combination of exceptional beaches that offers interesting activities that includes touring the working spice farm, fascinating labyrinthine alleyways of Stone Town, with Omani Palaces.

Stone Town is a UNESCO World heritage site. On the eastern shores of the island are the best powder white coral beaches with a protective barrier reef that runs along the coastline and gently the lapping waters of the Indian Ocean.

Due to the barrier reef and outstanding beaches Zanzibar offers many attractions such as scuba diving, glorious beaches and fresh seafood and much more.For nature enthusiast there is a small forest in the interior called Jozani that hosts indigenous red colobus monkeys.

Zanzibar is a beach holiday and a post-safari destination that adds a relaxing, exotic element to a demanding holiday.


Zanzibar Archipelago is found in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa and consists of numerous small Islands and two large ones: The Zanzibar Archipelago also includes the neighbouring island of Pemba and numerous small islands off shore to include Changuu (Prison Island), Bawi, Cahwani (Grave Island), Tumbatu, Mnemba, Chumbe and the sandbanks of Nyange, Pange and Murogo.

Zanzibar and its neighboring tropical island of Pemba are famous for the aquatic life, some rare primates and a fascinating history. The islands has over the centuries been influenced by numerous cultures which have blended together to create the Swahili culture of Zanzibar today. The mix comprises of African, Asian and a combination Persian, Arabian and Chinese influences with some European such as Dutch, Portuguese and English.

Slaves and spices made these islands famous. The island of Zanzibar is known as the ‘Spice Island' because of its long-standing clove industry. The capital of Zanzibar is located on the island of Unguja and is known as Zanzibar City with its historic centre, the Stone Town. Stone Town is UNESCO World Heritage Site and the cultural heart of the island.

 East of Stone Town is the growing sectors of Ng’ambo while to the north of the town are pristine beaches. At the northern tip of the island is the dhow-building centre and tourist resort of Nungwi an along the eastern shore some of Zanzibar's best beaches are found.

    • Zanzibar Serena Hotel in Stone Town, Zanzibar

      Zanzibar Serena Inn Eco-Resort in Stone Town is splendidly set on the sea-front of ancient Stone Town. Zanzibar is a magic word that conjures up stories of Sultans,slaves and scents of spice. Zazibar Serena in is friedly,comfortable,attractive and relaxing that you may find it difficult to leave and explore the rest of the Stone Town maze or any other place. The dinning room opens its large windows onto white sands and turquoise sea and the high tides the waves crash aganist the sea walls. Neighbouring  the hotel is an exotic mix of sultan's palaces, Portuguese forts, ancient dhow harbours, and bright bazaars. A member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World.The hotel is styled to represent the quintessence of Swahili style, ethnic style and Arabic lavishness, setting it apart as one of the finest hotels in Zanzibar. Zanzibar Serena Hotel: Highlights Access to the sights of Stone Town a world’s heritage site. wedding and reception venues, honeymoon suites  Business & Conference Facilities Zanzibar Serena Hotel: Accommodation Fifty one gorgeous rooms that catch breezes borne by the incoming tides and the best on beach accommodation     Zanzibar Serena Hotel: Activities It's worth taking a guided tour of Zazibar's…
    • Mafia Island Lodge

      Mafia Island Lodge is one of the beautiful Indian Ocean tropical resorts famous for deep sea fishing and scuba diving. Aquatic life is abundant and pristine coral gardens due to the protection of the Mafia Island Marine Park. Mafia is located between the Rufiji River delta to the west and the open Indian Ocean to the east. The dual influences of the river and the sea have combined to create a rich and exceptional biodiversity with unique landscapes under the sea and on dry land. Mafia Island Lodge: Highlights The warm, colourful waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding Mafia Island provide an ideal location for many sea activities including leisurely lazing on the tropical beaches Mafia Island Lodge: Accommodation Twenty four rooms are set among the coconut palms with their own veranda overlooking the bay. Mafia Island Lodge: Activities Enjoy some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling there is off the East African Indian Ocean coast exploring the many coral reefs that are teaming with tropical marine life.   There are over 400 species of fish inhabiting the reefs around Mafia. One can enjoy a picnic lunch at one of these locations after sailing there on a traditional dhow.…
    • Mnemba Island Lodge

      Mnemba Island Lodge a true ‘barefoot luxury’ is found in Mnemba Island. Mnemba Island lies off the north eastern coast of Zanzibar, sorrounded by vibrant coral reefs ideal for snokelling,scuba diving kayaking and swimming. Mnemba is just one and a half kilometres in circumference and lying off the spice Island off the coast of Zanzibar Archipelagos. This exclusive island and the powdery beaches, turquoise water and frolicking dolphins you can choose either to be as active or as leisurely as you want. Mnemba Island Lodge: Highlights Home to a fascinating green turtle population; peak turtle season is from April to August Landlubbers spend the day bird watching or relaxing on a daybed   on the beach with a book from the library. Bathe in Zanzibar's spectacular turquoise waters full of marine life and exquisite coral reefs and fine beaches. Swim with the dolphins and scuba dive in the clear warm tropical waters of Indian Ocean. Mnemba Island Lodge: Accommodation Ten private thatched luxurious chalets – known as ‘bandas’ fronted by palm in hidden in tropical beach forest fringed by a silver white beach      Mnemba Island Lodge: Activities PADI dive school  and two dive boats Water sports & bird watching…
    • The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

      Manta Resort is a relaxed remote beach retreat with fantastic views, a powder-white sandy beach. Found on Pemba a remote island off the east coast of Africa  The  Manta is a treasured hideaway where you can feel the simplicity of a naturally evolved traditional Swahili island culture – and timeless peace and quiet. Set on the edge of a primitive forest and on rising land overlooking the purest, most turquoise waters that ever caught your breath – these waters hide secrets of the most exquisite kind – coral reefs unspoilt – and they are fringed by snow white, delicately soft sand on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Elevated and crafted along an idyllic island beach, the resort offers privacy, romance, adventure & water sports on one of East Africa's finest island sanctuaries. Escape and relax at one of the Indian Ocean's most best kept secrets in the far north-west of Pemba Island. The Manta Resort: Highlights Rainforest tours and beach picnics and Dive centre The elevated central areas of Manta Resort have some of the best sunset views in Pemba.   The Manta Resort: Accommodation Eighteen rooms and the one and only with a private floating…
    • Pemba Lodge

      Pemba eco-Lodge is situated on the remote and beautiful Shamiani Island surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean it is just south of the main island, Pemba, Zanzibar’s sister island. The eco- lodge is Pemba’s first true eco-lodge offers an authentic holiday experience in a natural environment. The location of the lodge makes the sky at night magically come alive with stars and planets not normally viewed. Pemba Lodge: Highlights Ultimate privacy and serenity. Pemba eco-Lodge embraces the concept of low impact and sustainability Pemba Lodge: Accommodation Five well-appointed bungalows Pemba Lodge: Activities Most excursions  -  a walking  , Village tour It is also recommended that life jackets be worn whenever on a boat or in a kayak. Kayaks out for a paddle trip around the island and through the mangrove creeks and  explore your surroundings, as the waters are very calm. A guide will be present to show you the various birds and points of interest.   During low tide- reef walk learn everything you want to know about the marine ecosystem around the island. Try your hand in both traditional line fishing or deep sea fishing Pemba’s spectacular reefs are rated among the world’s…
    • Fundu Lagoon Lodge, Pemba Island

      Fundu Lagoon lodge is a charming and peaceful luxury beach lodge on west side of Pemba Island. Fundu Lagoon lodge lies on the remote and unspoilt island of Pemba, part of the Zanzibar Island off the Tanzanian Indian Ocean coast. The natural and rustic style Fundu Lodge reminds one of a tented safari lodge.  Fundu Lagoon is only accessible by boat and with its tranquil atmosphere chic. Fundu Lagoon Lodge: Highlights The rarely dived waters that surround Pemba are among the richest and most spectacular in the world. Pristine coral that stretches for mile upon mile Home to diverse marine life and provides some of the most exciting drift diving in East Africa. During the high tide, the silver sand beach is perfect for swimming. While at low tide one can explore exposed the reef and miles of unspoilt seashore, with its unique marine and bird life.     Fundu Lagoon Lodge: Accommodation Eighteen rooms that discretely tucked into a colourful lush tropical garden and fantastic ocean views Fundu Lagoon Lodge: Activities A lovely cultural experience with the friendly people of Pemba. A fully equipped PADI gold dive centre at Fundu Lagoon - in the Pemba Channel and around Mesali…