Desert Rose is a unique eco lodge located   on the lush cedar forest slopes of Mt Nyiro which towers majestically above the Elbarta plains, between Karisia Mountains and Lake Turkana in North Kenya.

The stunning landscape and interesting vegetation provides great inspiration on a variety of our abundant walks.

Desert Rose: Highlights

  • Desert Rose guests are always invited to local celebrations, granting the guests a rare insight into Samburu life and their distinctive sense of style.
  • The standard camel walk takes half a day or a full day but on request the lodge can organize a multi-day safari.
  • Nights are spent in tents or just mosquito nets surrounding a fire.

Desert Rose: Accommodation

  • Five unique houses accommodating up to twelve people.
  • Two cottages with double beds, two twins and a family house.

Desert Rose: Activities

  • Traditional Ceremonies and Driving
  • Flying
  • Camels safari
  • Walking

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