Marsabit National Park, an undiscovered historical wonderland is an extinct shield volcano that consists of a forested mountain that rises like an oasis in the middle of the desert wilderness. Marsabit is on a towering plateau high above the surrounding rocky plains and therefore there is increased rainfall and is also very green compared to the surrounding desert. It is the only source of permanent surface water in the region.

The park is an area of old volcanic activity, where succeeding explosions have caused a huge outcrop of a rounded hill of lava in the Chalbi desert, rising close to 1,000m high. The whole mountain is about 40km in diameter while the forested part of the park occupies the higher ground that is often shrouded in cloud, and measures around 10–15km across.

Driving higher in the forest you are transported to a different world, where mists drift through the giant trees and hanging lianas. The park is home to three spectacular crater lakes, Lake Paradise being the most scenic and famous.

Marsabit National Park: What Game

  • Big elephants (the iconic tuskers Ahmed and Abdul lived here), buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, reticulated giraffe and magnificent greater kudu, aardwolf, caracal, klipspringer.




Marsabit National Park: What Activities

  • Game viewing, birdwatching, scenic landscapes and wilderness,pristine forest,crater Lakes,diverse local cultures

Marsabit National Park: Best time to visit

  • All year round

Marsabit National Park: Where to stay

  • Marsabit Lodge
    • Marsabit Lodge

      Marsabit Lodge is located on the beautiful forested Marsabit Mountains in the remote Marsabit National Park, roughly mid-way between Mount Kenya and the Ethiopian border. Marsabit Lodge is a simple tourist lodge on the lush shores of a forest-fringed crater lake. The Marsabit Mountains Range rises from the expansive Chalbi desert.    Marsabit Lodge overlooks Sokorte Diko, a cliff lined bowl forming a natural amphitheatre provides an excellent view into this wildlife paradise.   Marsabit Lodge: Highlights Not ideal for children Marsabit, is very popular for its world's giant Elephants Marsabit Lodge: Accommodation Twenty--four fully rooms all with private bathrooms and back doors giving access to the balcony, enjoying uninterrupted views.         Marsabit Lodge: Activities Walking safaris outside the Park accompanied by armed rangers and experienced guides.  Visit  the dramatic and other-worldly Marsabit National Park Outstanding views and the amazing serene and beauty of its location Wildlife converging at the lake and eagles swooping through the trees A rewarding experience that compensates for Marsabit Lodge’s basic comforts and slightly   emptiness. Start customizing your itinerary Start crafting your safari today